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Mumbai University

Viva College Of Hotel & Tourism Management Studies

B.Sc. H.S - Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Studies

It is a 3-year full time degree course Credit based Semester and Grading System Programme.

The course is best suited for those who are seeking a career in the hospitality and services sector. A hospitality studies student will be taught the process of dealing in reception and treatment of guests.

Eligibility for B.Sc. in Hospitality Studies

A candidate for being eligible for admission to the Degree Course Bachelor of Science (Hospitality Studies) shall have passed XII Standard Examination in any discipline/stream of any state Board for Higher Secondary Education or its equivalent from India or abroad and secured not less than 45% marks in (In case of Reserved Category 40% marks in aggregate)

A semester-wise breakup of the course’s syllabus is tabulated here.

Semester I Semester II
Food Production and Patisserie I Food Production and Patisserie II
Food and Beverage Service I Food and Beverage Service II
Front Office I Front Office II
Housekeeping I Housekeeping II
Rooms Division (Practical) I Rooms Division (Practical) II
Communication Skills (English and French) I Communication Skills (English and French) II
Information Technology Principle of Hotel Accountancy
Food, Safety and Nutrition Principles of Management

Semester III Semester IV
Industrial Exposure Training Food Production and Patisserie II
- Food and Beverage Service III
- Front Office III
- Housekeeping III
- Rooms Division (Practical) III
- Hotel Accountancy and Cost Control
- Hospitality Law and Human resource Management
- Management Information System in Hospitality Industry

Semester V Semester VI
Food Production & Patisserie Organizational Behaviour
Food & Beverage Operation Management Strategic Management
Front Office Event Planning, Marketing & Management
Housekeeping Core Elective (Any TWO)
Rooms Division Management(Practical) Advanced Food Production
Corporate English Advanced Food & Beverage Operations Management
Environmental & Sustainable Tourism Advanced Housekeeping
Advanced Front Office
Allied Elective (Any ONE)
Services Marketing
Revenue Management
Foreign Language (French)
Financial Management
Strategic Human Resource Management

B.A. Culinary Arts – Bachelors of Arts in Culinary Arts

Affiliated to University of Mumbai. Three Year Full-Time degree Programme. It is credit based Semester and Grading System Programme.

B.A.Culinary Arts is a perfect module crafted by University of Mumbai for those students who have ambition to be a Chef in hospitality Industry. This program provides adequate knowledge, skills & exposure in the field of Culinary Arts that commensurate with the requirements of the Chef profession. To prepare students to exploit newly created opportunities in the Kitchen Profession both, at domestic & international level to create an additional avenue of world class Chef. To promote Indian cuisine globally. To gain leadership skills and inculcate a customer focused orientation through an understanding of the role of a team leader / supervisor in food production department.

Eligibility for B.A. Culinary Arts

  1. A candidate for being eligible for admission to the Bachelor of Arts (Culinary Arts) shall have passed standard XII / 10 + 2 examination (any stream) from any recognized education board or its equivalent from India or abroad.
  2. Candidates who has passed Std X and successfully completed a diploma in any stream of minimum two years duration from any recognized education board/university from India or abroad
  3. Every candidate admitted to the Bachelor of Arts (Culinary Arts) in the affiliated College conducting the course shall have to register himself / herself with the University of Mumbai.

A semester-wise breakup of the course’s syllabus is tabulated here.

Semester I Semester II
Principles of Food Production Principles of Food Production
Fundamentals of Food & Beverage Service Food & Beverage Studies
Food Safety & Hygiene Culinary Math
Introduction to the Hospitality Industry Business Communications
Product Knowledge Nutrition & Food Science
Communication Skills – English & French Essential Culinary Arts - Indian
Essential Culinary Arts -Indian Essential Culinary Arts – International
Essential Culinary Arts -International Essential Bakery & Confectionery
Essential Bakery & Confectionery Food & Beverage Guest Service
Restaurant & Food Service Operations Fundamentals of Information Technology

Semester III Semester IV
Indian and International Ethnic Cuisines Regional Indian Cuisine and Larder
Beverage Studies Menu Development and Function Catering
Food Cost Controls Hospitality Financial Accounting
Principals of Management Human Assets Management
Gastronomy Food Logistics and Food Cost Control
Indian Ethnic Culinary Arts (Quantity) Intermediate Culinary Arts-Indian
Intermediate Culinary Arts - International Larder and Short Order Cookery
Intermediate Bakery & Confectionery Intermediate Bakery & Confectionery
Applied Information Technology Function Catering Operations
The Practice of Business Communication Hospitality Information System

Semester V Semester VI
Advanced Food Production Advanced Culinary Arts
Food Legislation Kitchen Facilities Planning and Environmental Consciousness
Organizational Development & Behaviour Entrepreneurship and Restaurant Start-ups
Hospitality Services Marketing Food Tourism
Indian Culture & Traditions Experimental and Innovative Cuisine
Advanced Culinary Arts- Indian Advanced Culinary Arts - Indian
Food Styling &Presentation Advanced Culinary Arts - International
Advanced Pastry Arts Chocolatier
Event Planning & Management Project Research (Culinary Based)
Personality Development Executive Soft Skills

M.Sc. In Hotel and Hospitality Administration - Master of Science Hotel & Hospitality Administration

Affiliated to the University of Mumbai Two Year Full-Time Post- Graduate Programme Credit based Semester and Grading System Programme

This program is designed for ambitious students who want to become leaders in the hotel and tourism industry. Many students who pursue this degree have a bachelor’s degree in hospitality, business or tourism management, and have some relevant work experience in the field. Classes in this program may include managing people, intercultural leadership, event management, digital strategies, revenue management, and risk management.

For those who are interested in the service and tourism industries, an M.Sc in Hotel Management can be very beneficial. There are multiple travel opportunities both nationally and internationally, and there are usually many career options available. Learning to work with and manage people can also set students up for success in other areas of their lives.

Eligibility for M.Sc. in Hotel & Hospitality Administration

A candidate is eligible for admission to the Master’s Degree in Hotel & Hospitality Administration should have passed: a) Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Studies / Hotel Management / Hotel And Tourism Management / Hospitality & Tourism Management / B.B.A.( Hospitality Studies) or any relevant program from any approved University in India or abroad.
Duration: The program shall be a full-time program. The duration of the program shall be two years.

M.Sc. in Hotel & Hospitality Administration: Syllabus and Course Description
A semester-wise breakup of the course’s syllabus is tabulated here.

Course code NAME OF THE SUBJECT Internal External
PSHA 101 Perspective Management 25 75
PSHA 102 Management Accounting 25 75
PSHA 103 Organization Behavior 25 75
PSHA 104 Managerial Economics 25 75
PSHA 105 Event Management 25 75
PSHA 106 Tourism Operations Management 25 75

Course code NAME OF THE SUBJECT Internal External
PSHA 201 Cruise Line Hospitality Management 25 75
PSHA 202 Marketing Management 25 75
PSHA 203 Statistics for Management 25 75
PSHA 204 Legal Aspects of Hospitality Business 25 75
PSHA 205 Financial Management in Hospitality Industry 25 75
PSHA 206 Human Resource Management in Hospitality Industry 25 75

Course code NAME OF THE SUBJECT Internal External
PSHA 301 Hospitality Investment & Perspective 25 75
PSHA 302 Resorts & Theme Parks management 25 75
PSHA 303 Convention & Conference Management 25 75
PSHA 304 Customer Care Management 25 75
PSHA 305 Service Marketing 25 75
PSHA 306 Environment Management in Hospitality 25 75
Course code NAME OF THE SUBJECT Internal External
PSHA 401 Project Management in Hospitality Business 25 75
PSHA 402 Food Logistics & Supply Chain Management 25 75
PSHA 403 Casino & Club Level Management 25 75
PSHA 404 Business Ethics & Corporate Governance 25 75
PSHA 405 Advanced Business Communication 25 75
PSHA 406 Research Project 25 75